How can we pay for tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in cash, cheque made out to “KRV Legacy Gala” or e-transfer to tickets@krvgala.com (please use "Gala" as the password).

 Where is the money raised for the gala going?

All net funds raised through the gala will be going to The Toronto Foundation, which is an umbrella organization that The Pejcinovski Family Memorial Fund was created under. The Toronto Foundation is a charitable organization -https://torontofoundation.ca/, charitable number: 12649 1875 RR001. Money from the Pejcinovski Family Memorial Fund can only be disbursed to other charitable organizations.

Can I receive a donation receipt for tax purposes if I buy a ticket or become a sponsor?

The Toronto Foundation will issue donation receipts to individuals for the ticket amount less the cost of the dinner. For example, a ticket for $150 less $80 for the cost of the dinner = $70 donation receipt. For sponsorships, the Toronto Foundation will issue donation receipts to individuals for amount of the monetary sponsorship.

Please indicate in the “Team or Group” section of the Buy Ticket form who you would like to be seated with and we will do our best to accommodate.

I would like to sit at a table with friends/teammates/family/coworkers/etc. – can this be requested?

Please provide the information in the “Dietary restrictions/Allergies” section of the Buy Ticket form and we will provide it to Hazelton Manor.


I have dietary restrictions/requirements, will there be a meal option to accommodate?